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Kombucha: Cheers to that

December 17, 2018


Hippocrates once said that ‘All disease begins in the gut’.


It seems that he couldn’t have been more right. There are increasing amounts of scientific research emerging that highlight the importance of the gut when it comes to mental health, emotional health, physical health and immunity, amongst other things. The gut has even been called the body’s ‘second brain’ and in recent years, as we have put more and more processed foods and antibiotics into our bodies, we have been unintentionally killing off the good bacteria that lives in our gut and keeps it healthy. The rise of digestive problems and gut related illnesses, such as IBS, have helped give rise the growing popularity of fermented food and drink as a way of easily getting probiotics (beneficial bacteria) into the gut.

To be of any health benefit, probiotics need to be live & delivered in adequate amounts  – the human body is made up of over 100 trillion bacterial cells.


So, where does Kombucha come in?

It’s not just a passing fad or trendy drink to be sipping on this winter. Kombucha has a huge amount of benefits.

The process of fermentation in a drink like Kombucha facilitates the reproduction of probiotic bacteria exponentially, creating the type of quantity required to bring about equilibrium in the gut – it’s the skill & experience of the brewer that keeps them viable for consumption. Fermentation also enables a controlled environment, allowing bacteria to develop favourable characteristics (e.g. resistance to low pH to improve survival as they pass through the GI tract).


Sounds great. But what actually is it?

With at least a millennia of history, it is traditionally made by fermenting sugar sweetened tea with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast). During fermentation, the SCOBY remains viable & reproduces by feeding on the sugars present, thereby reducing the overall sugar content naturally. This visible bacteria and yeast is known as the “mother”. The result is a delicious sparkling soft drink, that is naturally low in sugar and rich in probiotics– it’s no wonder that consumers globally are increasingly turning away from traditional sugary soft drinks and looking for the best Kombucha brands as a healthy replacement.


Where can I get it?

Given its great taste and health benefits, Kombucha is lining our shelfs more and more… it has even made it into high-street supermarkets as well as eateries. Johny Wilkinson even has his own Kombucha range in Sainsbury’s! This is exciting. But we need to make sure the Kombucha we are happily sipping on (often at great expense…) is TRUE Kombucha: that it isn’t just crammed with disguised sugar but contains live probiotics. I’m a big fan of Remedy Kombucha. Try the Raspberry Lemonade Flavour- wow.


The perfect alcohol alternative this Christmas

Christmas is the season of socialising, and this often means an abundance of alcohol. If you don’t drink or just want break from the constant flow of bubbles this festive season, Kombucha is a perfect alternative. It is light, refreshing and even looks like alcohol. It is sometimes nice to have a drink in your hand at events or gathering, and water can feel a little unfestive. Coming in a range of flavours you can enjoy a party drink hangover free. Oh, and did I mention all the heath benefits?


Cheers to that. 

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