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June 9, 2018

Activated Nuts

Raw nuts contain lots of nutrients, such as B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium, as well as fibre. But their chemical make-up means these aren’t easily absorbed by the body. Activating them changes this, making them more accessible.

Activating nuts is not a modern phenomenon. It is a natural process that was used by the Aztecs and Aborigines; both soaking nuts in seawater before roasting them to unlock more nutrients.

When you soak nuts and seeds in water you activate germination (the sprouting process in which a seed develops into a plant) which releases all the natural enzymes and amazing nutrients Mother Nature had stored away for the growing process. You also wash away any toxic substances: enzyme inhibitors, phytates (phytic acid), polyphenols (tannins) and goitrogens, which hinder digestion. For example, as in the bitter aftertaste of walnuts.

That’s why soaked, activated nuts and seeds are even more nutritious, lighter on your gut and more in tune with nature. It turns them into ‘live food’.

Soaking and roasting transforms the average nut into a super-food…



Boundless is a Wiltshire based Activated Nut and Seed company  on the intrepid pursuit of the extraordinary”.



Boundless’ FAB method


They drench their nuts and seeds in water to kick start nature’s natural germination process.


A good soak removes the bitter phytic acid and protective enzymes, enabling better digestion.

  • BAKE

Then they gently bake using natural ingredients for a fuller flavour and lighter crunch.

→ The range includes the flavours:

  • Orange, Ginger & Maple (my personal favourite!)
  • Tamari & Aleppo
  • Cayenne & Rosemary

Portion size

Nuts are great: tasty, nutrient-dense, natural snacks. But they are also incredibly moreish. Fact. How many is too many?

30g is said to be the healthy daily intake of nuts and seeds. Boundless packs are therefore the perfect-portioned snack!

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