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The Thailand Series Part Three: Phuket Town Weekend Night Market

July 23, 2017


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I hope that is true as I still to this day have no idea what half of the food pictured (and eaten) was. All I can assure you is that a Thai night market is an experience not to be missed.


Tasters galore. We sampled anything and everything (within reason) from smoked fish balls and dried chilli fish to an assortment of alien fruits and even insects.

‘Dinner’ comprised of a incredibly spicy coconut milk and BBQ fish curry wrapped in a banana leaf with sweet coconut mango rice, accompanied by a side of fried quails’ eggs covered in soya sauce. This was followed by a thai-style pancake filled with crushed peanuts and sugar. Seriously good. However, my green tea tofu milk was not as big a hit. Yes, it tasted as strange as it sounds. Next time I think I’ll stick to the iced shakes.

I was told eating in this way was ‘as thai as it gets’: straight from pan to plate.


It was pure madness. People everywhere. A complete fusion of smells, tastes and sounds. We didn’t know where to begin, so took on a pack mentality attempting to systematically work our way around the covered labyrinth.

All in all, a huge success. We left slightly dazzled by the chaos, full to bursting and laden with purchases.

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