5 Tips to Flawless Skin

July 18, 2016

We all want beautiful glowing skin, especially in summer.  But are constantly inundated with overwhelming skincare routines and have the latest ‘must-have’ products pressured upon us. However, we often forget these really simple tricks to kickstart going au-natural. 

1. Fruit: How much is too much?

Fruit is often seen as a great alternative to refined sugar which is known to have a negative impact on your skin. However, we often forget how much sugar, although natural, fruit actually contains.

High sugar foods are defined as having over 15g of sugar per 100g whilst low sugar foods have less than 5g per 100g.

I love fruit, especially berries, and can think of nothing better than a huge fruit salad on a hot summer’s day so this rough guide of how many grams of sugar per 100g really took me by surprise.

  • Apples 10.3g
  • Bananas 12g
  • Blueberries 9.1g
  • Cherries 11.5g
  • Grapes 15g
  • Kiwi 9g
  • Oranges 7.7g
  • Pears 10g
  • Pineapple 10g
  • Raspberries 4.6g
  • Strawberries 6.1g

Although some fruits seem reasonably high in sugar, they release their sugars more slowly due to other compounds. Take apples for example which also contain pectin causing the slower release of sugar. Whereas, grapes don’t contain these additional compounds thus release their sugar very fast. The ripeness of fruit also affects how fast the sugar is released; a ripe banana releases much more quickly than an unripe one. Of course cooking the fruit also affects it too and often speeds up the release of sugar.

Fruit still remains a great, healthier alternative to refined sugar but for that perfect summer skin we just need to be conscious of how much sugar different fruits contain and how this will affect our skin. As always moderation is key.


  1. Coconut Water

Victoria Secret Angel Adriana Lima’s ultimate beauty secret is coconut water.  Which is often deemed even more hydrating than water.

 “I drink at least one coconut water a day – it gives you that healthy, glowing skin.”

Angel Alessandra Ambrosio also sees hydration as the key to flawless skin. The small difference of drinking more water will make the biggest difference to your skin. Today the daily intake of water recommended by the Institute of Medicine is 3.7 litres for men and 2.7 litres for women as a basis. If you are exercising or sweating you need to additionally replenish any lost water.

“When you are dehydrated, you see it on your face and when you’ve had your share of water, it glows. Nothing is better for your skin than drinking a lot of water and green juices. I also love fresh coconut water bought on the beach.”

If I start drinking coconut water, can I become an angel too?


  1. A splash of Vodka

Dabbing any spirit on pimples will help fight then ASAP as the concentrated alcohol will dry up the blemish.


  1. Sleep

 Sleep is priceless. We all lead such busy lives and sometimes forget that our bodies need to rest, and it is our skin that often pays the price for this.  How many days have you woken up after a long night enjoying yourself, looked in the mirror and thought ‘God I look rough’? We’ve all been there, a lot.

The National Sleep Foundation urges that young adults get around 7-9 hours of sleep each night. However, this isn’t always possible and a lot of us need more, especially when playing catch-up.


  1. Ice

This is another beauty secret from the Angels. Jasmine Tookes’ answer to beautiful skin lies within the power of ice.

“I learned to ice my face right before going to bed from my mom’s dermatologist a long time ago and I’ve done it ever since. You take an ice cube and run it all over your face until it melts away and it leaves your pores really tight and your face really firm.”

Even just splashing your face with cold water or running the shower cold right at the end will make difference and reduce outbreaks.


Skincare never sounded so easy.


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