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Cowboy Boots – The Revival

June 13, 2018


Cowboy boots are having a revival. Far from the Wild West they are now being incorporated into modern, minimalist outfits.



The real cowboy boot has returned.

Although cowboy boots have always had their place in the fashion scene, over the last few seasons the ‘real cowboy boot’ has made a comeback. It rises half way up the calf, is western in style and has detailed switching on the leather.

Once again, Vetements was one of the first companies to recognise where this trend was going and get on the bandwagon (pardon the pun…). Let’s not forget their very distinctive and unique heel which is characteristic of both their men and women’s western boots.




The beautiful thing about cowboy boots is that they are the old, trusted and worn boots that go with everything. Those same boots that were worn in the ’70s, and then again in the ’90s. From dresses to jeans, jackets to suits; and most importantly, for both men and women.

Since the barrier between clothing for different genders is becoming increasingly blurred, items that have always been considered ‘genderless‘ are now being revived. It’s happening without proclamation or being gender fluid for the sake of it, but rather without even considering gender as a factor. Much more modern.



Alongside the much sought-after Calvin Klein boots with a square tip heel, another brand that also has the cowboy boots of the season is Chloe. Their Rylee boot has become the dream boots for many. Especially, when it’s in snakeskin.

However, Alexa Chung’s short black cowboy boots are the simplest and prettiest I have seen. Again, sometimes simple is best.

Thanks to this revival, another forgotten brand, the original brand of cowboy boots, Sonora, is now the one everyone is on the hunt for. Leaving no stone unturned in their quest.



Valentina‘s cowboy boots inspired a little more of a Texan look from the Western series “Little House on the Prairie“. Hence the velvet skirt and fishnet stockings. But to be a little less literal, there’s nothing better to break the stereotypes than pairing the boots with a current sports t-shirt.

The plaits came with the boots. Obligatory.


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