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Madrid, you have inspired me.

October 23, 2017


It is no secret the Spanish have great style. Madrileños prove this. This I can assure you.


Fashion here is more fun. People aren’t afraid to be a little different and express themselves. Cliché, but a fact.

There is always an added accessory, twist or extra thought which ultimately makes the outfit and lifts it to a whole new level. It may simply be a t-shirt and jeans, but they undeniably rock it.


Madrid, you has inspired me. I now make much more effort with my style: am much more adventurous, expressive and thoughtful about each outfit. Especially how more daring pieces can work with and enhance each other.


Of course, the sheer selection and quality of fashion available here helps. The chains available in the UK (Zara, Mango, Pull & Bear…) stock different styles, evidently meeting their Spanish customers’ desires, which added to Spanish brands on offer and independent stores, adds a new dimension to the shopping experience.

Some of my favourite new discoveries being & other Stories, Oyshmo (I need your silk pyjamas in my life) and Kling.


Sorry England I seem to be doing you no favours in this department.


Featured pieces:

& Other Stories


Massimo Dutti


Thank you to Evie Jones for playing dress up with me. 



Madrileños, thank you.  Bankcard, I’m sorry.

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